Using the 5 Keys to Wellness

Wellness Wheel Questionnaire

1 = No/Never   2 = Sometimes   3 = Usually   4 = Yes/Always

General Health

1.I usually feel good.
2.I have energy throughout the day.
3.I have little pain.
4.I sleep well and I don't wake up tired.
5.My body move with ease.
Total Score 0/20

Self Love

1.I like myself.
2.I like my body.
3.I think happy thoughts most of the time.
4.I say nice things and don't talk bad about others.
5.I don't dwell on what others think.
Total Score 0/20


1.I am truthful about my feelings.
2.I notice when I'm stressed and can relax quickly.
3.I know how to deep breathe and practice it.
4.I take time to relax and breathe often.
5.I spend time outside breathing in nature daily.
Total Score 0/20

Positive Choices

1.I eat two vegetables, two fruits and two grains every day.
2.I drink a lot of water and drink little caffeine or sugary drinks.
3.I watch or play in front of screens less than two hours per day.
4.I choose friends who like me just the way I am.
5.I always do my best.
Total Score 0/20


1.I know what I enjoy and do it often.
2.I don't overdo.
3.I like to work on projects and help others.
4.I try new things often.
5.I play every day.
Total Score 0/20


1.I believe good things usually happen.
2.I don't over-react often.
3.I am grateful or thankful for most everything.
4.I am kind and find kindness is returned back to me.
5.I go with the flow and learn from my mistakes.
Total Score 0/20

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