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About Us

Harmony Healing House was founded in 2006 by Kelly Mather.  As a hospital administrator for over 20 years, Kelly was concerned about the high cost of the current healthcare system and the lack of long term effect on health and wellness.  After testing many wellness systems and having no luck in finding a low cost and simple system that has a lasting impact for improved health, she decided to create one herself.  With the assistance and inspiration of fellow healthcare wellness fanatics, Harmony Healing House was born.  

What's behind our name?  Our name represents our vision.  Harmony is the key to the keys of wellness.  It is a achieved when the elements of any system are in perfect and permanent resonance.  This defines our vision of for all health systems whether it is the individual's four body system, or the shared mission of healthcare, education, community and government systems.  Many individuals and organizations do not progress on the path toward wellness because they reach a line or barrier that requires significant change and commitment.  But, we found that a single person manifesting harmonic health catalyzes considerable shifts in those around them and helps people cross the barriers and heal more rapidly.  Healing is the process all systems use to achieve that state of perfect and permanent resonance. And what was most important to us is having systems that any inpsired catalyst can easily start using in your own home with no costly potions, meals or gyms. Therefore, our business is done through a low cost publishing House.

What's behind our logo?  The logo represents our mission.  As you can see, we use a tree shaped with three H's which is similar to a tree that overlooks our sacred lake in Northern California where Kelly has created the healing systems.  The colored rainbow drops represent the touchstone of our mission which are 5 keys to wellness:  Pink:  Self Love; Blue:  Breathing; Green:  Positive Choices; Yellow:  Balance; and Purple:  Trust. We also include an orange rainbow drop that inspires energy and excitement to improve achieving harmonic health. The rainbow drops visually represent how the keys to wellness come through you to the ground and inspire growth.   

After ten years of trial and error in working with hospitals, schools and many types of organizations, the Health Improvement Systems and the Healing Hospital Model were ready for the turn key approach. Executive Director, Toni Funderburg has led the charge to bring these systems to you in your HOME at the lowest cost possible. We believe that HEALTH IS CONTAGIOUS and we hope you become a catalyst and inspire health, too!  


About Us


Kelly Mather - Founder, Creator & Author

Kelly is a wife and mother of three children who founded Harmony Healing House after a career as a Chief Executive Officer of various hospitals for over fifteen years.  She is on a mission to create and inspire improved health through hospitals, healthcare providers and schools.  Kelly holds a master's degree from medical College of Virginia and has studied extensively with healers from all over the world.  Combining her leadership experience with healthcare organizations with her extensive work in healing, Kelly inspires people, organizations and communities to become healthy and shows that there is an invaluable return on nvestment  when you invest in wellness.


Leslie Lovejoy, RN, Ph.D - Nurse Educator & Author

Leslie has been active in mainstream healthcare and complementary wellness movements for over thirty years.  As a wellness coach, educator, writer, and consultant, she helps people gain insight into the relationship between minds, body, and spirit and the creation of optimal health.  She is passionate about living an authentic life and supporting others as they pursue their own growth.   She holds a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Social Psycyhology.  She combines Western and Eastern philosophies, science, and subtle energy practices to help individuals, groups, and businesses create sustainable health-promotion programs.  She lives in an "off-the-grid" home on forty acres in rural northern California with her partner, two cats, and all the natural beauty and wildlife to inspire her in her journey to promote healthy people and a healthy planet.


Toni Funderburg - Executive Director

Toni has lived in Lake County most of her life and always has been interested in ways to improve her health and those around her.  She is a wife and mother of two boys and a grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren.  She has had a career in banking for 16 years and then ventured on to become an owner of a small business and became very involved in her community.  While serving on the Sutter Lakeside Foundation board she became acquainted with Kelly Mather,   CEO at that time of Sutter Lakeside and Founder of Harmony Healing House.   Later it was her desire to help Kelly show the world the health benefits of using the 5 Keys to Wellness by creating simple health improvement systems that could be implemented and help individual children, teens, schools, special needs individuals, organizations, mentors, and hospitals improve health and become wellness mentors.  As a result of Toni and Kelly working together on their common mission to "Create Better Health", all the systems are available to be downloaded at .



Kathy W. Wolden - Graphic Designer & Artist

"walking the mystical path, with practical feet"

Kathy's mystical path' for the arts and her studies in metaphysics bring an alchemist's blend with conscious intention to her art and graphic design.  Her 'practical feet' experience has been developed over 15 years working with a Napa Valley design group and currently as a freelance designer.  Kathy presently lives in beautiful Lake County, California with her partner and their little four-legged beast, surrounded in the mystery of nature.



Lisa Schneller - Illustrator

Lisa is a designer and illustrator living in the California Bay Area.  She has been drawing ever since she could hold a crayon (although she uses much better art supplies nowadays).  Lisa received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from California College of the Arts and is working towards her second BFA in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University.  Most recently, her work has been featured on the Dieline, in Volume 13 of Gallery Magazine, and in the upcoming How Design book, Mastering Type:  The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design, by Denise Bosler.  Lisa has illustrated Kelly's books:  The Five Keys to Wellness, Ducky Love, Fish Breath, and Froggy Choice

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